Find a Local Atheist, Skeptic, Humanist, or Freethought Community Near You

Searching for a secular community? Many atheists miss the communal aspect that church provides but want to avoid the religious sermons, dogma, and superstitious nonsense because they no longer believe in god? Do you want to find an “atheist church,” or at least a group of like-minded freethinkers, humanists, and skeptics to hang out with, enjoy potlucks, drinks, movies, and have great, intellectually stimulating conversations with?

Look no further!

Below are a list of the best tools to find a local secular organization to join:

Sunday Assembly
Sunday assembly is a secular celebration of life. Where you can meet with other atheists, sing songs, have potlucks, and promote good in the world. They have inspiring events and caring communities in over 70 locations around the world.

Oasis is a lot like church without the religion, bearing the slogan, People are more important than ideas. They have locations in the US and Canada and are growing quickly.

Skeptics in the Pub
Not a fan of the church-like setting? Grab food and a few drinks with fellow non-believers. Skeptics in the Pub is more of a hang out with nonreligious friends because who doesn't like having a few atheist drinking buddies?

Atheist Republic Consulates
Atheist Republic Consulates are meetups around the world that provide atheists with a sense of community and can be as simple as a few people having a conversation. If there's not a consulate in your city, you can head on over to atheist republic and start one.

Local Atheist Facebook Groups
This is a directory of local atheist facebook groups. It's region-specific, allowing non believers to coordinate and organize local meetups.

Atheist Meetups
Many atheist groups get started via meetup. It's a great site for finding skeptic, humanist, atheist, and freethinker groups in your area. And if you can't find an atheist meetup in your area, you can start one.

Secular Student Alliance
The Secular Student alliance is an association of non-religious high school and college groups around the United States. Many atheist students feel isolated and alone, but can with affiliates springing up all over the country, that will soon be a thing of the past.

American Atheists Affiliates
Over 170 secular groups, in the US, have become affiliates of American Atheists. It's free for your group to become an affiliate, and there are a number of perks that come with it, but your organization is expected to support to support separation of church and state.

Secular Directory
The Secular Directory has one of the largest lists of secular groups organizations (both in the US and internationally).

International Humanist, Freethought, or Skeptic Groups
The Center for Inquiry (CFI) has put together this tool to help you find groups all over the world.

US-Based Humanist Groups
The American Humanist Association has a collection of over 225 humanist groups throughout the US that can be easily searched for using their search tools and directory of humanist organizations.

Secular Groups in Canada
The AeONetwork connects Freethought, Secular Humanist, and Atheist Organizations/Individuals throughout Canada under one network umbrella. Use their map to find an atheist group in Canada.

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