The Backstep Paradox

Progress often feels like it only happens when no one is looking. Because it’s one step forward two steps back, it’s easy to get fixated on the backsteps and feel like no progress is happening at all. The irony is that by focusing on the backsteps, we stand to catalyze change.

What If God Wasn’t Divine?

Is Christianity Dangerous? Thomas Westbrook and Michael Jones debated the potential harm of Christianity at DebateCon 2022. In this video, Thomas and Eric Murphy (of Skeptic Generation) break down and review this debate between an atheist and a Christian.

Christianity’s Biggest Problem

The problem of instruction is Christianity’s biggest problem. Is the Bible perfect, literal, and inerrant? Or are there mistakes in the Bible? How was the Bible written and who wrote the Old Testament and New Testament? Why is it so hard to understand and correctly interpret? If an omnipotent, omnibenevolent, omniscient, and omnipresent God crafted such an important message for his children, we should expect it to be omni-coherent. Instead, we have altered copies of manuscripts – a convoluted anonymous mess riddled with scientific blunders, historical inaccuracies and anachronisms, internal contradictions, and failed prophecies. Let’s explore the Bible and how it was written to see exactly why the Problem of Instruction is Christianity’s Fatal Error.

Is Christianity Dangerous? (Inspiring Philosophy Vs Holy Koolaid)

An atheist and Christian debate: Is Christianity Dangerous? Thomas Westbrook (Holy Koolaid) and Michael Jones (Inspiring Philosophy) debate whether or not the world’s largest religion poses a danger to society. The debate took place at MDD DebateCon on January 15, 2022 organized by Modern Day Debate. All footage is posted with the permission of the organizers of the debate.

Don’t Make This Deadly Mistake

Covid vaccine hesitancy is at an all-time high, even though over 99% of people dying from covid are unvaccinated. The new Delta variant is spreading like wildfire, and the virus will likely mutate again. And yet, anti-vaxxers, worried about the risk of the vaccine, routinely shrug off the risk of the virus, citing the 99% covid survival rate. But there’s a major mental shortcut many of them take in doing this.

The Time-traveling Prophecy Continues

Evangelical prophets continue to double down on their prophecy about Trump’s second consecutive term. The prophets claim they visited or saw the future and are now calling for a military takeover to re-instate Donald Trump. Kat Kerr, Hank Kunneman, Robin Bullock, and Lance Wallnau continue to spout a failed prophecies and are joined by other false prophets like Jeff Jansen, Todd Coconato, Johnny Enlow, and Mark Taylor. Watch this train wreck of an evangelical cringe fail and remember to not drink the Koolaid.

Nothing Fails Like Bible History 10: Joshua, Jericho, & Genocide

Did the story of Jericho really happen? Did Joshua actually destroy Jericho and invade Canaan, or is the Biblical conquest of Canaan actually true? Is the Bible historical? If not, how much of the Bible is true and how much of the Bible is myth or legend. In this episode of Nothing Fails Like Bible History, discover just how much of the Biblical story of the conquest of Canaan is fact, supported by archaeology, and how much is fiction – either debunked or unsupported by the archaeological evidence.

The Prophet with a Season Pass to Heaven

Atheists react to pastor Kat Kerr who regularly visits heaven and shares her visions of the afterlife with her congregation. She’s a pink-haired prophet and evangelical pastor with some pretty interesting ideas.