The Better Conference (BetterCon) 2022 – An Atheist Conference in Indiana

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On June 25-26, I'll be attending and speaking at the Better atheist conference in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Better is an atheist gathering organized by The Atheist Network Group (TANG) to bring together the atheist community of Indiana and the surrounding regions to discuss better ways to engage with religious people and those who are heavily indoctrinated. In addition to fostering better dialogue with theists, the Better conference hopes to build a healthy secular community. Most of the speakers are content creators - either atheist YouTubers or secular activists on Tiktok.

There will be no Faithless Forum conference in 2023, so if you enjoyed the Faithless Forum (or if you missed it and wished you could have met your favorite atheist content creators there), then the Better conference is your chance to meet and connect with the atheist online community. It's an excellent opportunity to network and learn from atheist content creators if you're thinking of starting an atheist YouTube channel, Tiktok, blog, or podcast. But even if you're not, this is a great place to learn better communication tactics for when you have to engage with religious family members, co-workers, or friends.

Tickets are still available, but are selling fast. Grab yours before they're gone:

About the Better Conference:

What is Better: An atheist conference created to improve dialogue & build community
When: June 25-26
Where: Fort Wayne, Indiana

The following speakers have been confirmed at the Better conference*:

*The final speakers list may be subject to change due to Covid & travel complications.

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