The Best Tools for Online Activists

Are you passionate about a cause and want to take a stand, but don't know how to get your voice out there?

I have a lot of people ask me what tools I use to make my videos, record and edit my podcast, market my content via social media, and host my website. I've put together a list of the top tools I rely on on a daily basis. I've been using many of these tools for years and swear by them.

Because I like them so much, I reached out to the companies below to become an affiliate. That means, if you use the the links below to sign up for any these services, I get a small commission, and it helps support my work. Not all of the links below are affiliate links, and I ONLY recommend the tools that I believe in and use myself. With that full disclosure out of the way, these are the tools I use on a regular basis to do the work I do.

Video Editing Tools I use:

Vyond Animation Suite

Animation Suite: Vyond

Animation is super easy with Vyond. You don't need any prior training or experience to use this simple drag-and-drop tool. By using animation, your video will look more professional, get more watch time, and have a wider reach.

Adobe Creative Suite

Editing Tools:
Adobe Creative Suite

The Adobe Creative Suite is one of the most powerful tool sets for video, photo, and audio editing. I've been using it for over a decade (specifically Photoshop, After Effects, Premier Pro, Audition, & Illustrator) and highly recommend it.

Story Blocks (Video)

Stock Footage: Story Blocks

Story Blocks (Video) offers a massive library of royalty-free 4K footage. It's a monthly membership that gives you access to an unlimited number of clips to use in as many of your videos as you want. I've been a member of this site for over three years, I and love it.

Website Tools I use:

Site Ground web hosting

Web Hosting: Site Ground

I've used quite a few website hosts over the years, and Site Ground is by far the fastest, most-reliable, easiest-to-use service. It continually outranks other hosts, and is what all my websites are hosted on.

Name Cheap Logo

Domain Name Registration:
Name Cheap

If you're looking to buy a domain name, Name Cheap is easy, affordable, and one of the most trusted and secure names in the industry.

Active Campaign Official Logo

Email Marketing: Active Campaign

Active Campaign - one of the most powerful email marketing tools in existence - lets you build an email list, automate email campaigns, track user engagement, and so much more.

More Tools I use:


Funding Source/Fan Membership: Patreon

Patreon lets me connect with my fans and provide them perks and member benefits in exchange for their ongoing support. YouTube ad revenue can be small and unpredictable. The rates fluctuate and videos (and sometimes entire channels) get demonetized without warning.

Patreon lets me make videos that my fans want (even controversial content) without fear of demonetization. In exchange, I can reward Patrons with all kinds of perks

Tube Buddy

YouTube Plugin:
Tube Buddy

Tube Buddy is a powerful plugin that gives me insight on channel performance and saves me a massive amount of time on YouTube. With it I can research tags, analyze video performance, bulk edit videos, and so much more.

This is one of the most powerful and most useful YouTube plugins for content creators out there. I also use VidIQ. Both plugins have free and paid options, depending on the features you want.

Traveling Mailbox

Physical Mail Service: Traveling Mailbox

Want to travel around the world, but still want to register and run a business? You'll need a physical mailbox service that scans and emails your mail to you. Traveling Mailbox does that, and can also forward packages to any address you'd like.

It's also a perfect tool, when you're a public figure, but still value privacy/security - for when fans want to send you mail, but you don't want to post your personal home address online.

Equipment I use:

The best camera for internet activists

While many YouTubers film with DSLRs, I prefer a dedicated video camera that has no time limits on video length, is light-weight, ultraportable, and designed specifically for video. This Sony camcorder does all that and shoots in gorgeous 4K as well.

The best tripod for internet activists

Most of your shots as a vlogger are going to be stationary. The last thing you want is annoying camera shake. While, you don't need a super expensive tripod if you're not shooting documentaries with smooth tilts/pans, you still want a good tripod, and this one is an excellent choice.

Teleprompter for online activists

I recommend that you learn your material inside and out and get comfortable without a teleprompter, but even if you are, this nifty tool can save you so many takes. I script most of my videos and teleprompters streamline the whole process and make it so much easier. Just don't forget to pick up a tablet to lay in front of it. Also check out the PromptSmart Pro teleprompter app (it's amazing).

Webcam for online activists

For any of your feature videos, you probably want to stick with the Sony FDRAX53/B 4K mentioned above, but if you're doing live streams, you'll need either a capture card with it or a separate webcam. In a pinch, you can fall back on the built-in one in your laptop, but the quality usually sucks. A better alternative is this Logitech webcam. It's great quality, plug-and-play, and super portable.

Best studio lighting for online activists

Even a fantastic camera is going to look like garbage in poor lighting. If you're on a budget, you can work around this by manipulating sunlight and getting high-lumen bulbs on regular lamps. If you can afford it, though, these Neewer lights are phenomenal! I use 6 of them, strategically placed around my studio for full lighting. But even two or three of these will make all the difference in the world.

Best sound proofing tiles for online activists

A great mic in an untreated, echoey room is still going to sound like a tin can. While you can pad your room with sheets, pillows, and blankets, I highly recommend these foam panels, if you want your productions to be taken seriously. If you place even just a few of these around your home studio, you'll instantly notice a positive difference.

Best desk for online activists

Filming and editing at a cluttered, cramped desk will hurt your productivity. This adjustable desk comfortably seats two people side by side, allowing you to interview guests at it. It has lots of leg room, hidden slits to route messy cables, and the entire top of it is one big mouse pad. I've worked at lots of desks. This one is my all-time favorite.

Best mic for online activists

If you have the budget for either a nice mic or a nice camera, ALWAYS GO FOR THE MIC FIRST! People will be offended by poor audio quality way faster than poor video quality. It's what sets a professional production apart from budget one. While I recommend first starting with an affordable mic and learning the audio tricks to make it sound good, as soon as you can afford to make the leap to a pro-level mic, do it.

Just bear in mind that this mic is going to require a Cloudlifter Preamp (see below).

Microphone Preamp to use with the Shure SM7B Mic

You'll need this preamp if you get the Shure SM7B mic mentioned above.

Microphone Swivel Arm Mount to use with the Shure SM7B Mic

Having a nice boom arm for your mic that will absorb shock is highly recommended. This is the one for the Shure SM7B mic mentioned above.

XLR Mic Cable to use as a professional vlogger

Unless you get a USB mic (like the Audio Technica mentioned below), you're going to need an XLR cable to connect your mic to your sound mixer. Bear in mind that you will need two of these for the Shure SM7B mic mentioned above (one on either side of the Cloudlifter).

Best digital mixer for live shows

This mixer is basically god. You can configure all settings on your computer, have different live effects on each track, save EQ profiles for each person who uses it, and even control it remotely! 

Warning: this mixer is overkill for the beginning vlogger, but once you've mastered the world of audio, it will save you tons of time!

Best travel mic for activists

If you're just getting started as an online activist, this is the number one mic I recommend for vlogging/podcasting. It's only $69 at the time of me writing this, is super simple (plug it right into your USB port and start recording), has decent quality, and is directional (so it won't pick up a lot of background noise).

Just make sure you pick up this foam windscreen for it.

Best portable digital recorder for media activists

If you're traveling, and want to record interviews on the road, this digital audio recorder is amaze-balls!!! It has mics on it that are actually pretty good, or you can plug two Audio Technica AT2005USB mics into the bottom of it using two XLR cables and record each mic to a different track for editing later in Adobe Audition.

Recommended monitor for editing as an activist

Let's face it, no matter how good you are at filming and recording audio, you're always going to have editing work to do, if you want your work to really shine. There's no reason to settle when it comes to your editing workstation, since you'll be spending countless hours here. I recommend picking up two of these 4K widescreen displays. You can thank me later.

Recommended mouse for editing as an activist

A good mouse will save you lots of time editing. This one works on any surface, has multiple assignable buttons, and most-importantly it fits ergonomically in your hand, so you can comfortably edit for hours at a time without discomfort.

Recommended keyboard for editing if you're an internet activist

I highly recommend picking up a good keyboard for editing that has macro buttons that you can program to your most-frequent tasks. This keyboard is nice because it's backlit (allowing you to work at night) and the hand rest makes it super comfortable to use. The only downside is this one clacks a bit louder than I would like - so it may bother sleeping roommates. If that's not an issue for you, than it's a great editing keyboard.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Tablet to use with Teleprompter: Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Tablets can be great for drawing and editing on the fly, but my main use of a tablet is for use with my teleprompter. I got the PromptSmart Pro app on Android which follows along with your voice and scrolls the text at the pace you read (it's a game-changer)!

Best headphones for editing audio as a podcaster

After you record your audio, you're going to need to edit it. If you have a crappy pair of headphones you won't really be able to hear if you're final mix is high quality or not. This pair of headphones will let you hear EVERYTHING! They're amazing, and are a great choice for audiophiles and sound engineers of all stripes. My audio editing game improved by leaps and bounds after I upgraded to these bad boys.

Fantastic affordable desk chair for video editors

If you edit video and audio. You're going to be sitting for extended periods of time. Do your back and ass a favor and get a chair that's actually comfortable. You won't regret it.

Recommended Books:

Below is a list of books related to marketing, business, and activism as well as how to get your life in order to be the most effective activist you can be. I've read a lot of books on these topics, but these were a few of the good ones that I recommend checking out if you want to learn how to be a more effect internet influencer/activist. Happy reading!

Top 11 Books for the Future World Changer:

More great reading for the budding activist:

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