The Failed 2024 Doomsday Prophecies

Evangelical Paranoia is Next Level!

The 2024 solar eclipse sparked a new wave of evangelical prophecies, end times predictions, and mass-hysteria/paranoia. Paranoid televangelists were quick to search for meaning in the utterly benign.

How Faith Healers Fool You

How Faith Healers Fool You

Why do miracles work sometimes? When a faith healer causes your pain to go away, what’s really going on? Explore the science of faith healing and the psychological tricks that preachers use to convince you that you’ve been miraculously healed. Today former-evangelical actress and author Alice Greczyn joins me to uncover the secret tricks of faith healers and how they use your brain against you. What is the neuroscience behind faith healings? Are you really being healed, or is there a psychological explanation?

The Faith Healer’s Favorite Scam

The Faith Healer's Favorite Scam

Can pastors lift people out of wheelchairs and heal the disabled? Can preachers and evangelists heal those who are crippled? Or is the rise and walk miracle the faith healers biggest scam? If this popular trick isn’t an amazing miracle then what’s really happening? If it’s not a miraculous healing then how these people rising out of wheelchairs and running around the church? In this video we’ll analyze footage from Benny Hinn, Billy Burke, Reinhard Bonnke, John Mellor, W.V. Grant, Jack Coe, and other faith healing preachers through a scientific lens. We’ll explore their healing revivals and get a bigger picture to see what happens when the disabled people are followed up with afterwards. And we’ll determine once and for all if the Rise and Walk miracle is truly miraculous or one giant con.