The Time-traveling Prophecy Continues

Evangelical prophets continue to double down on their prophecy about Trump’s second consecutive term. The prophets claim they visited or saw the future and are now calling for a military takeover to re-instate Donald Trump. Kat Kerr, Hank Kunneman, Robin Bullock, and Lance Wallnau continue to spout a failed prophecies and are joined by other false prophets like Jeff Jansen, Todd Coconato, Johnny Enlow, and Mark Taylor. Watch this train wreck of an evangelical cringe fail and remember to not drink the Koolaid.

Inside the Mind of an Evangelical

Inside the Mind of an Evangelical Paula White and Kenneth Copeland

Evangelicals are freaking out after falsely prophesying that Trump would win a second term & are now turning to prayer, calling down angels, and speaking in tongues.