Faith Healing Cringe Fails: Part 1

Faith Healing Cringe Fails - Kenneth Copeland Pushes a guy in a wheelchair

Are miracles real? Does faith healing work? These famous faith healers are about to be exposed in this brutal compilation of faith healing fails. Come learn the tricks faith healers use to con millions.

Watch as Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, W.V. Grant, Robert Tilton, and Peter Popoff are exposed in this new series on faith healing.

Revising God’s Prophecy!

Sid Roth, Greg Lock, Kat Kerr, Eric Metaxas, and Kenneth Copeland failed prophecy false prophets.

Evangelical prophets predicted that Trump would win in 2020, and after pushing back the date that this would come to pass all the way to the inauguration date, they’re still doubling down. Watch televangelist Sid Roth double down on a failed prophecy. Watch Pastor Greg Locke freak out and Kat Kerr have a screaming meltdown. Hank Kunneman, Lance Wallnau, Mario Marillo, and Dutch Sheets hedge and make excuses as to why the prophecy failed on the Victory Channel’s show Flashpoint with Gene Bailey. Even the prophets of YouTube, Albert Milton and Chris Yoon, make some pretty spectacular failed prophecies and then shift the goalposts on the failed Trump Prophecy. Everyone from Eric Metaxas to Curt Landry, and Kenneth Copeland was invested in the Prophetic claim that Trump would win a second term in 2024, and all of them got it spectacularly wrong.

Inside the Mind of an Evangelical

Inside the Mind of an Evangelical Paula White and Kenneth Copeland

Evangelicals are freaking out after falsely prophesying that Trump would win a second term & are now turning to prayer, calling down angels, and speaking in tongues.

Evangelicals Freak Out

Evangelicals Freak Out

After Trump loses the election, evangelicals go nuts! Pastors and prophets incorrectly prophesied Trump would win the election and get a second term.