32 Hour Atheist Christmas Live Stream

Happy Holidays everyone! Starting Christmas Eve, at 6 PM, there will be an atheist YouTube live stream going steady across various channels. Come join in the fun, and hang out with your favorite community this Christmas.

Often times, we as atheists can be shunned or ostracized by friends and family for not believing what the rest of them do. It can be especially difficult during the holidays. If you're feeling left out, or even if you just need a break from everything. Feel free to join at any time. The schedule and channels are posted below. Happy holidays!

24 hr atheist chat during Christmas

Atheist Chat Relay Christmas Schedule:

Christmas EVE:
6 PM - 9 PM (CST): NotJah Witness
9 PM - 11 PM (CST): Dallas Wade
11 PM - 12 AM (CST): Mr. Bear

Christmas Day:
12 AM - 2 AM (CST): Pirate Kitty
2 AM - 4 PM (CST):
End the Conspiracy
4 AM - 6 AM (CST):
Ausman Cometh
6 AM - 8 AM (CST):
8 AM - 10 AM (CST):
Tea and Danish
10 AM - 12 PM (CST):
1Ring 42
12 PM - 1 PM (CST):
1 PM - 2 PM (CST): Excultbaby
2 PM - 4 PM (CST):
Lavender Lady
4 PM - 6 PM (CST):
Johnny Drivebye
6 PM - 8 PM (CST):
Bionic Dance
8 PM - 10 PM (CST):
Recovering Catholic
10 PM - 12 AM (CST):
Atheist Pastor
12 AM - 2 AM (CST): 

I know I'm not in the schedule on this one. They asked me if I would join, but I'm taking the day off. That said, I heard about this stream, thought it sounded awesome, and decided to make this post. Happy Holidays! - Thomas Westbrook

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  1. I’d love to have one of your bumper stickers. I hope you don’t mind the extra postage. I’m a subscriber. Thanxalot.
    David Silverman
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    Muratpasa, Antalya
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