Atheist Rant: Enough Whataboutery! (Diversion Apologetics)

Atheist Rant: Enough Whataboutery! (Diversion Apologetics)

Atheist rant time! Stop using diversion apologetics - an argument by deflection - shifting the blame to another religion when someone points out the problems with your religion. What about Islam? What about Christianity? Enough whataboutery! I'm an atheist. Why do I have to pick my favorite pile of horse shit? In this ranting diatribe, responding to religious apologetics, I take on argumentation by deflection.

 Whataboutism is a subtle admission of guilt. This diversion tactic is the equivalent of saying, "look over there." It solves nothing and impedes progress, and it's a last-ditch effort/futile attempt to distract, by those uncomfortable with the fact that their religion has problems.

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