Atheist, Skeptic, Freethought, & Humanist YouTube Channels

Are you searching for a new atheist YouTube channel? Maybe you're a secular activist with a story to tell or cause to promote, but you don't know where to go to get exposure. Or perhaps you're a content creator looking for like-minded YouTubers in your niche to inspire you or to collaborate with. You've come to the right place. This is the largest, most comprehensive list of skeptic, freethought, and atheist YouTube channels ever created.

As an atheist YouTuber myself, I'm fully dedicated to making the best-possible, science-based videos at Holy Koolaid that are fun, witty, laser-focused and educational. You can check out my channel here:

Additionally, here are a few other channels from the list below that I recommend checking out. These are new, active channels in the movement who regularly create excellent work related to atheism and the secular movement as a whole: Cosmic Skeptic, Rachel Oates, Genetically Modified Skeptic,
Rationality Rules, & Skeptic Generation.

Did I miss one? If so, please feel free to list an atheist, freethought, skeptic, or humanist YouTuber by leaving a reply in the comments below:

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10 thoughts on “Atheist, Skeptic, & Humanist YouTube Channels”

  1. Don’t know if I fully qualify for your list but if you want to add me Overprotected Atheist. Also Jake the Atheist and Blanant Blatheist I highly recommend adding to the list.

  2. I’m very positive there are very few of us true dyed-in-the-wool athiestii around any more. Lenny Bruce, now THERE was a true, albeit a little stoned/drunk believer of not of NO God, but of the LACK of a God. Dink about it. Thank you fer reading!

  3. You missed missed Minnesota Atheists, Atheists United, Forrest Valkai, Underlings, and PZMyers (mostly about evolution & refuting creationism/intelligent design).

  4. These are some of the debunkers of the large paranormal channels, but some of them are friends to Kenny Biddle.

    Beardo Gets Scared he also does paranormal investigations, and shows the lack of paranormal activity and debunking the large paranormal channels.

    The Side Eye Guy does humor with his debunking videos. He is skeptical of paranormal videos.

    Entity Seven Paranormal Joe Vitali does debunking of history of the places and do investigations as well showing places not active. There are times he catches something that could not be explained.

    Mr. Grey does paranormal bingo games and all that while debunking on lives.

    Mythos Paranormal been debunking Cody and Satori big time.

    Crow of Judas does a lot of reaction and debunking to paranormal videos, mediums and the likes, plus he likes hot dogs.

    Boo Production Paranormal Ohio is a paranormal investigators and hold court videos on the larger paranormal channels for faking stuff.

    Doodles Debunk is a newer channel that is debunking. She is an investigator of the paranormal in Australia.

    Parrple used to do debunking, but he is still active.

    The Shape is the OG of the paranormal debunking. He is very skeptical.

    Jason Hawes is the founder of TAPs, and host of the tv show Ghost Hunters who introduced debunking and investigation at the same time. He will call out fake like he did on one of his episodes of his show.

    Discovery Channel does have clips of Mythbusters on their Youtube page which does cover paranormal myths. Paranormal also ties into Religion.

    AmberDurrst does reaction and debunking videos.

    I also do some debunking, and stuff like that myself. Spitfire the Dragon TV Love and Positive Light

    You can still be a believer in the afterlife, but a skeptic at the same time because of all the faking going on just for entertainment for a quick buck.


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