Jack Coe: The Preacher Who Scammed America

Jack Coe: The Preacher Who Scammed a Nation

Jack Coe Documentary Synopsis:

The following documentary covers the life and scandals of the controversial faith healer Jack Coe who travelled the US in the 1950's and held massive faith healing revivals where he claimed he could cure people of everything from polio to cancer.

For Jack Coe, everything had to be big!

Coe owned the largest tent in the world, and he held gospel meetings from California to Florida to New York. His healing revivals would last for weeks at a time and some of them were brought in as many as 40,000 people in a single day. He broadcast his sermons from coast to coast on the radio and TV and grew a magazine subscription base of over 300,000 people! He then begged for donations and conned a fortune out of his massive following while living a life of absolute luxury.

In 1956, he was exposed!

The devoutly religious Adon Taft of the Miami Herald attended one of Jack Coe's revivals in 1956 and discovered that the only miraculous thing going on was that so many people fell for his con. Less than a month later, Coe claimed he healed a 3-year-old boy with polio named George Clark and told the boy's mother to remove his braces and have him walk. The boy's ankles swelled up and turned sideways causing severe pain and suffering to the boy. George's mother had Coe arrested for practicing medicine without a license, but his case was dismissed on a religious loophole.

Jack Coe's story is the most ironic in Christian history.

Later that same year, despite having claimed he had the gift of divine healing and despite claiming to have cured countless people of polio, Jack Coe died of polio! Coe was on his way to teach a class on prophecy, but 30 minutes beforehand, he went to the hospital due to unforeseen circumstances! Coe was also supposed to preach at a faith healing rally called the curing the uncurable rally, but he missed it because he was in the hospital failing to rally from an incurable disease. He died on the last day of that rally!

The irony continues...

On the day that Adon Taft published his Miami Herald article exposing Coe, an article appeared in the Herald right beside it honoring Jonas Salk for his invention of the Polio vaccine. Jack Coe was incredibly anti-medicine. He rejected the vaccine. He also ran an orphanage in Waxahachie, TX, but after his death, it was revealed that he had denied his children access to the polio vaccine too. Coe's son would follow in his dad's footsteps as a faith healer but would fund-raise for a medical operation & attempt to find an organ donor before dying of undisclosed causes.

Partial Timeline of Coe's Life (highlights):

1945 – Ordained by the Assemblies of God.

1953 – Loses case for permit in Dallas, TX.

1953 – Arrested in Freson, California for disturbing the peace.

1953 – Kicked out of Assemblies of God.

Jan 9 – Feb 12, 1956 – Jack Coe's Miami revival

27 Jan. 1956 – Adon Taft writes an article for the Miami Herald Exposing Jack Coe

Wed, Feb 8, 1956 – Coe arrested & charged with practicing medicine without a license. Tampa Mayor (Hixon) & County Zoning Board director (W. M. Harkness) say they'll refuse his applications for permits on city/county land.

Sat, Feb 11, 1956 – After being denied a permit, Coe runs an ad anyways in the Tampa Times announcing Tampa revival on county grounds on Feb 22
- Rev. Woodward, Coe's collaborator received the permit without mentioning it was for Coe.

Sun, Feb 12 1956 – Coe’s revival in Miami ends

Tues, Feb 14, 1956 – Miami Times points out Coe’s revival is on country grounds, and Mayor Hixon revokes the permit.

Mon, Feb 20, 1956 – Coe wins his initial case against Clarks, but this wasn’t the end of this legal battle.

March 1-25, 1956 – Initial dates of Jack Coe’s Tampa revival, later changed to Feb 22

Other Coe Revivals in 1956:
April, 1956 – Jacksonville, Fl
May, 1956 – Atlanta, GA
Nov 19-21, 1956 – Tulsa, OK – Jack Coe’s last revival
Dec 2-16, 1956 – Jack Coe is unable to attend the "Curing the Incurable" Rally ft. James R. Dunn, W.V. Grant, James Dunn, & Alton Hayes, hosted at Coe’s Dallas Revival Center because he came down with an incurable disease: polio. (Voice of Healing, Dec, 1956 Pg. 22)
Nov 25, 1956 – Jack Coe misses a talk he was to give on prophecy and goes to the hospital instead.

Dec 16, 1956 – Jack Coe Dies of Polio

Jan 15-Feb 11, 1957 – Coe was scheduled to speak at The Deliverance Conference in Dallas, TX, but is kind of dead. (Voice of Healing, Dec, 1956 Pg. 17) This was “postponed until further notice.” (Voice of Healing, Jan, 1957 Pg. 3)

Jack Coe Documentary – The Preacher Who Scammed America:

Jack Coe Documentary – Sources Cited

Jack Coe was anti-medicine and discouraged his followers from seeing a doctor:

Jack Coe fervently preached against going to the doctor and encouraged his congregants to not take medicine but to rely on faith healing instead.

Jack Coe preached against the use of doctors as early as 1948 in his magazine, The Herald of Healing: “Does God Use ‘Means’ in Healing”
(Herald of Healing, Jan 1948, pg. 1-2; pg. 5 col 1-2):

He regularly used his sermons and magazine to slam doctors and promote faith healing, like in this sensational Dec 1953 article in The Herald of Healing titled, “Doctor’s Demons and Pills” in which he paints doctors as tools of the devil and the antichrist and encourages people to seek faith healing instead.

Despite repeatedly denigrating the medical profession, when under oath during a trial over a building permit in Dallas, he claimed the exact opposite stating, “We don’t fight doctors or medicine. We believe doctors are doing good work, but we believe that the Lord is able to heal the body.” (Herald of Healing April/May 1953, pg. 12)

Jack Coe himself waited to go to the doctor resulting in brain damage due to oxygen deprivation. His sister was confident he'd be healed:

Jack Coe Ad - “A cure for a worry burdened world." - "Prescribe a remedy for your problem"

Jack Coe’s opens a “Faith Home” as a faith healing alternative to hospitals:
https://digitalshowcase.oru.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1022&context=coehoh (Pg. 13)

In order to keep up the façade that Coe himself didn’t believe in doctors, his wife claimed after the fact that he had been unconscious (either in the Dec or Jan 1956 issue of Herald of Healing), and she took him (a giant, 6’3” 400 lb man) to the doctor without him being conscious (not sure how she managed that). But in reality, he complained of feeling sick, so they went together to the doctor’s office before the doctor referred them to another hospital which they drove to together.

Another account of events has Coe consenting to let her take him to the hospital (multiple conflicting accounts as the story unfolded seem to indicate whitewashing of the story as they go into damage control).

As Coe is dying, his family thinks he doesn't need doctors - Coe's orphanage turns out to be anti-medicine & anti-vax, denying 60 children polio vaccines.
https://www.newspapers.com/clip/117253104/coe-still-near-death-kin-argue-over/ (pg. 1)
https://www.newspapers.com/clip/117253695/coe-still-near-death-kin-argue-over/ (pg. 2)

Jack Coe’s Failed Prophecies:

Jack Coe believed that the end times were imminent and preached fear-based sermons about Armageddon Here are a few failed prop. https://digitalshowcase.oru.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1009&context=coehoh (Aug 1953 issue):

  • Fail 1: Coe claims an atom bomb was the cause of the North Sea flood of 1953 (it wasn’t) – Pg. 3 Bottom of Column 2
  • Fail 2: He prophesies massive tidal waves in Florida, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York all caused by nuclear bombs. (Pg. 4 column 1)
  • Fail 3: New York will be practically destroyed including the UN headquarters. (Pg. 4 column 1)
    - Picture of bombed New York (pg. 5)
  • Fail 4: Says the USSR is about to start WWIII, invading Turkey, Iran, & Palestine and invading New York – shows drawing (pg. 6 column 2)
  • Fail 5: Russia is going to trigger the end times with the Battle of Megiddo and will wage war with horses and wooden weapons (because radar can’t detect wood) and 5/6 of them will die.
  • Fail 6: By 1954 there will be a global famine 5-6 year famine that will hit everywhere but Palestine (pg 16 top of column 1) and anyone who doesn’t listen and store up food will become thin, starve, and die (bottom of pg 16 col 1). Tells a story about predicting a city being destroyed and there was a man who took his kid to a pool hall there and died as god’s punishment for playing pool (pg 16 bottom of col 2).
  • Fail 7: Predicts something BIG is about to happen on Aug 20 of that year – possibly the tidal waves, but who knows (pg 18 col 1).
    -He end’s the article with “The rapture can take place any time, I said any time! THE END”

https://digitalshowcase.oru.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1013&context=coehoh – (Dec 1953 issue):

  • Fail 1: “We are the generation that will see the coming of Jesus Christ.” (pg. 5 bottom of column 1) - Note: technically this isn’t a “fail” yet, but most of the greatest generation are centenarians which make up 0.007% of the current global population. There aren’t many left.
  • Fail 2: Russia is about to invade Israel. (pg. 6 column 1)
  • Fail 3: Prophecies about a massive coming famine (continued in next issue)


  • Fail 1: Jack Coe prophesied a race riot caused by the Communists in Miami to distract the militia while the local Reds living among them poison the water, cut the power, & disrupt transportation before the Russian Army arrives.
  • Fail 2: He predicts that the Jews will take Syria & irrigate it with the Euphrates making it a lush garden.
  • Fail 3: He claimed the above irrigation of Syria would lead Russia to attack them “for the food” & the Arabs will join Russia.
  • Fail 4: The US & UN will join Israel in fighting off Russia leading to WWIII.
  • Fail 5: We'll lose the first battle, but then drop an H-bomb on Russian troops at the valley of Jehoshaphat.

Jack Coe’s failed C-bomb prophecy - And what happened to Noah's Ark carpenters:

Full Page Jack Coe sermon ad with clickbaity prophecies:

Jack Coe Austin ad - Prophecies about nuclear war:

Jack Coe Miami ad for his tent healing service and sermon where he claimed he would predict the first cities that Russia would bomb:

Jack Coe ad prophesying the Great Dictator now in the US - using "Bible Proof":

Jack Coe's false prophecies about which two cities Russia will nuke:

Jack Coe ad - prophecies and conspiracy theories:

Coe unexpectedly went to the hospital just 30 minutes before he was scheduled to give a sermon on his ability to prophesy the future.
https://www.newspapers.com/clip/117253104/coe-still-near-death-kin-argue-over/ (pg. 1)
https://www.newspapers.com/clip/117253695/coe-still-near-death-kin-argue-over/ (pg. 2)

Jack Coe’s Failed Faith Healings:

Of 103 people 40 were not able to stand up out of their wheelchairs and were not “healed.” This is according to a source biased in favor of Coe, so who knows the real numbers, but even what they’re willing to admit is quite damning.
https://archive.org/details/johncrowdermiracleworkersreformersandthenewmystics2006/page/n335/mode/2up?view=theater (pg. 337)


Adon Taft of the Miami Herald attended one of Coe’s meetings and followed up with those who Coe claimed to have healed (listed below):
Page 1: https://www.newspapers.com/clip/111254953/adon-taft-miami-herald-article-on-jack/
Page 2: https://www.newspapers.com/clip/111255390/adon-taft-miami-herald-article-on-jack/

Cora Essix – 2001 NW 165th St., Bunche Park, FL – An almost deaf 5-year-old
(Coe “healed” her, got her to repeat “baby,” “mama,” and girl” and respond to an organ)
- But her therapist said Cora had learned those words in school & already responded to music therapy & found no measurable improvement in Cora’s hearing.

John Hurley Jr. – 3131 NW 22nd Ave, Miami, FL
(Coe declared him cured of his partial deafness)
- His wife claimed his hearing had improved.

Bobby Dale Carsen – 190 NW 83rd St.
Coe declared the five-year-old boy cured of polio (which affected his leg).
The next day, his mother noticed absolutely no difference in the boy’s knee.

Mrs. Ruby Barnes – 803 NW 9th Ave
(Coe declared her healed of muscle problems, stiff spine, & stiff legs)
While it made her feel a bit better, the next day she reported that she most certainly was not cured.

“Ross Muzan” – 652 NW 122nd St. - 64
Coe “cured” him of his stroke (which had left one side paralyzed) & had him rise out of a wheelchair.
But the address he gave turned out to be a vacant lot

Mrs. Connie Graham – Came all the way from D.C
Had cancer & difficulty walking. Coe had her set aside her crutches and helped her walk.
The last few steps to her seat, she faltered through alone. But her daughter said there was nothing about that which her mom couldn’t already do.

Unnamed others - Those who were obviously ill (including two wheelchair-bound people with severe cases of polio) left the service exactly as they’d come.


In retaliation to the Miami Herald article, Coe had people sign forms as they left his revivals claiming they’d been healed and then submitted them himself to the Miami Herald (although none appear to have been medically verified). To add to the spectacle, he threatened to spam them with 50 more a day for the rest of his 5 week Miami tent revival.

Mrs. Garoutte - Dies After Being “Healed”:
(Herald of Healing, Aug. 1953, Pg. 1 & 12) https://digitalshowcase.oru.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1009&context=coehoh
In 1953, Coe prayed over an Oklahoman woman named Mrs. Garoutte and declared her completely healed of asthma and heart problems - both of which can be triggered by anxiety and rigorous exercise. Asthma attacks come and go, and in the moment, the woman felt better and sincerely believed on faith that she was healed. That very same year, when her sister got sick, she confidently sprinted six blocks through the winter cold to call a doctor for her sister which triggered her own chest pain and asthma-like wheezing. She was taken to the ER, where she gasped for air before breathing her last. Her husband was so convinced of Coe's healing abilities, that when the 1950's doctors were unable to determine the cause of death or definitively link it to heart failure or asthma - he sent the story in to Coe's magazine as divine evidence of a miraculous healing and they published the story - I wish I was making this up!

George Clark - In 1956, Jack Coe attempted to heal a 3-year-old boy with Polio. He had the boy remove his leg braces & walk. But this caused serious damage to the boy’s legs. Clarke’s parents sued Coe. (see: Jack Coe Vs. George Clark) - see trial below for sources.

Jack Coe Vs. George Clark (Trial for Practicing Medicine Without a License):

Article announcing Jack Coe's month-long tent revival and faith healing crusade in the Miami Herald. A pastor supporting Coe is careful to include that they “also believe in doctors.”

Woman claims that Jack Coe cured her of polio:

Image of Jack Coe Behind Bars. According to the caption, he asked for a copy of the photo for use in his magazine so he could use his arrest as a publicity stunt for his magazine:

Image of George Clark with his braces after Jack Coe prayed over him, declared him healed, and told his mother to remove his braces. He wasn’t healed.

Image of Mrs. Ann Clark - George Clark's mother who took him to Jack Coe for a faith healing miracle

Detailed description of why Ann Clark had Jack Coe Arrested: Coe put oil on the boy’s head and declared him healed before having him remove his braces. Mrs. Clark Kept taking off his crutches each day as the pastor instructed, and little George prayed every night. No change was seen. Mrs. Clark wrote Coe asking what he would do if George was his boy but got no reply. Finally she took her son to a Doctor who said that had she kept removing the braces, irreparable damage would have occurred. Wealthy humanist Joseph Lewis offered to help her and hired a private investigator to look into the case. When arrested, Coe stated, “This is ridiculous,” but when interviewed by the press, he laughed and said, “I feel like a celebrity.”
https://www.newspapers.com/clip/117823217/mother-of-polio-victim-has-faith-healer/ pg 1
https://www.newspapers.com/clip/117822793/ann-clark-has-jack-coe-arrested-plus/ pg 2

Jack Coe says his arrest is the work of the devil, plays the persecution card, and makes his crime seem like a constitutional issue over freedom of religion. He appeals to everyone at his tent meeting to protest his trial at the courthouse. He then broadcasts on his radio stations telling people to protest his arrest to the Florida governor (Leroy Collins), and he also asks for support/protestors via his magazine. On top of all that, he fund-raises at his revival, bringing in over $6000 in one night (telling people that if they don’t have money to give him, to borrow it).

Coe tells his followers that his arrest is a sign that “Faith is on trial.”

700 people showed up to protest outside the courthouse.
https://www.newspapers.com/clip/117264200/jack-coe-reveals-assets-and-net-worth/ - Part 1
https://www.newspapers.com/clip/117263487/jack-coes-earnings-disclosed-in-trial/ - Part 2

1000 showed up to protest his trial on day one, but the number then dropped to 100. 16 pastors showed up and testified in defense of Coe:

Lists some of the pastors who came to support him:
https://digitalshowcase.oru.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1036&context=coehoh (Pg 19)

14 Evangelists testify on Coe's behalf:

Faith healing evangelists Theo Jones, John Mears, Clifton Erickson, Roy Wead, Harry DeVries, and Gordon Lindsay all showed up to Coe's trial in support. And according to the Voice of Healing, more than 20 ministers attended the trial and were sworn in to testify. https://william-branham.org/site/resource?key=69925112-ef7c-41fb-837d-01c5bc325956&parent=voice_of_healing (pg. 6)

Ministers challenge Jack Coe to prove his powers with a $2500 challenge. He declines:

Joseph Lewis initially offers Coe $1000 for miracle proof; Jack Bell (in Town Crier column) dares them to debate each other.

Coe refuses to debate but blasts back at Miami Herald with an ad in their paper:

Joseph Lewis, president of the Freethinkers of America, increases his offer, offering to contribute $10,000 to any hospital and nominate Coe for a Nobel prize if he could prove that he’s cured any child with polio.

Coe responds to $10000 and $2500 offers by saying, “It would be worth much to these unbelievers to have God prove his supernatural power. But God does not heal to convince skeptics and doubters.”
https://digitalshowcase.oru.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1036&context=coehoh (page 8)

Shortly after, Jack Coe mocked the trial by saying that Elisha and Jesus practiced medicine without a license:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UycCMesetZA (8:00; then 9:25; then 9:40)

Four of Jack Coe's associates grilled by county solicitor before his trial - plead the 5th:

Jack Coe Trial: According to a doctor Polio boy George Clark’s legs could have suffered irreparable damage if his braces were left off.

Jack Coe caused $7500 in medical damage to George Clark but thousands defend Coe outside courthouse:

More details on George Clark story plus disclosure of Coe’s assets, corruption, & greed:

Interview about Jack Coe with George Clark's mother about failure to heal son's polio and the disappointment that followed for her son. At the trial George called Coe a bad man:

Photo of George Clark pointing at Jack Coe in the courtroom at their trial:

Pastor who invited Jack Coe to Tampa preaches forgiveness against “demon possessed” Tampa mayor who denied Coe a permit after his arrest:
https://www.newspapers.com/clip/117250290/pastor-who-invited-jack-coe-to-tampa/ Part 1
https://www.newspapers.com/clip/118804975/preacher-labels-tampa-mayor-hixon/ Part 2

Best overview of trial and result (plus the specific legal loophole/religious exemption that Coe got off because of):
https://www.newspapers.com/clip/117251334/best-summary-of-jack-coe-trial-and/ - part 1
https://www.newspapers.com/clip/117251400/best-overview-of-jack-coe-trial-and/ - part 2

Jack Coe Accused of hiring actors - also made $800,000-$900,000 in 5 years while disguising his operation as a nonprofit.

Headline: “Faith Healer Coe is Freed”

Judge says he doesn’t approve of what Coe did, but because of the religious loophole, he has to let Jack Coe go free:
https://www.newspapers.com/clip/118805309/charge-against-faith-healer-jack-coe/ Part 1
https://www.newspapers.com/clip/118805528/charge-against-jack-coe-dropped-in-dade/ Part 2

Evangelist Wins Case of Child - Jack Coe goes free due to religious exemption loophole:
https://www.newspapers.com/clip/117827215/evangelist-wins-case-of-child-jack/ (page 1)
https://www.newspapers.com/clip/117827446/jack-coe-goes-free-due-to-religious/ (page 2)

Arrests, Broken Laws, Antagonizing Civil Authorities, & Clashes w Church Groups:

Jack Coe was challenged by an audience member in Los Angeles in 1953. Coe threatened to arrest him:

Coe was arrested in Fresno, CA for disturbing the peace. https://archive.org/details/johncrowdermiracleworkersreformersandthenewmystics2006/page/n335/mode/2up?view=theater

Jack Coe is denounced by the Greater Miami Council of Churches: “The money-making tent meetings… ‘smack of religious racketeering.’” He was also denounced by the Dallas Council of Churches for “unethical advertising and unethical conduct.” The City of Dallas denied him building permits, he took it to court and lost. And after neighbors complained about his children's home operation, it was forced out of Dallas. Coe calls criticism of him “lies, lies, lies” and urges people to cancel their subscription to The Miami Herald after the article calls his practices into question.
https://www.newspapers.com/clip/117639945/church-spokesman-blasts-tent-healer/ (pg. 1)
https://www.newspapers.com/clip/117222431/jack-coe-urges-people-to-cancel-their/ (pg. 2)

The Churches of Christ band together to condemn Coe with accusations of racketeering and fake healings:

Tampa mayor refuses to grant Coe permits after scandal. Coe doesn't care (advertises revival on city property).

The most comprehensive description of land use permit dispute in Tampa right on the heels of the Miami scandal: Coe denied use of public land for healing revivals in Tampa after Miami scandal – has another pastor (Woodward) apply for the permit instead - the mayor discovers this and revokes it. He’s first denied city land, then county land:
https://www.newspapers.com/clip/117261688/jack-coe-denied-both-city-and-country/ - Part 1
https://www.newspapers.com/clip/117260491/coe-denied-use-of-public-land-full/ - Part 2

Coe held his revival anyways in Tampa (on private land):
https://www.newspapers.com/clip/117813274/faith-healer-jack-coe-dies-of-bulbar/ - Part 1
https://www.newspapers.com/clip/118798989/faith-healer-jack-coe-dies-of-polio/ - Part 2

Ad for his Tampa revival:
https://digitalshowcase.oru.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1034&context=coehoh (Pg. 7 & 8)

President of Freethinkers of America, Joseph Lewis, sues Jack Coe for slander (Communist accusation):
^Note, the issues of both Voice of Healing and Herald of Healing right after Coe’s arrest (I believe they were the March or April 1956 issues) were absolutely brutal to Jack Coe! They’re linked elsewhere in this document.

Defrocked from assemblies of God (pg 337)
I believe their original letter outlining their reasons for revoking his membership was in either the March or April 1953 issue of Herald of Healing. I have a screenshot of it in my video. Their reasons included:

  • Coe’s extravagant lifestyle
  • Coe antagonized the civil authorities in Dallas
  • Coe claimed that anyone who spoke out against him would be struck dead by God
    - If I remember correctly, Jack responded in that issue of HOH by playing the victim.

Jack Coe’s Finances/Business Operations:

Coe anticipated making at least $30,000 for his tent revival in Miami, but wound up raking in over $2000/night at his 5-week long nightly revivals. This was peanuts compared to where the real money was made, and hence why Coe was willing to give up the profits to someone who would cover the costs of the entire meeting (because he was after the magazine subscriptions). Massive ad asking for a sponsor for his tent revival in exchange for keeping the $30,000 profits:

Detailed description of his magazine operations (May 31, 1955) – 5000 new mag subscriptions per revival & 4,000 – 8,000 letters/day with 40%-50% containing money.

Jack Coe’s finances/operations revealed in trial: Coe had 175-185 employees, was scoping out 100 TV stations, held tent revivals in 35 states, and received personal love offerings each night of $1500-$1500. He asked for money daily on 60-70 radio stations. He had $5-600,000 in assets, a $22,000-$23,000 salary, a mansion, a new car, and he entertained other faith healers regularly taking them to dinner. This was all tax-free and run by his family as a non-profit. https://www.newspapers.com/clip/117264200/jack-coe-reveals-assets-and-net-worth/ - Part 1
https://www.newspapers.com/clip/117263487/jack-coes-earnings-disclosed-in-trial/ - Part 2

Coe downplays his assets to his Herald of Healing magazine, changes the numbers for his income from what he admitted to under oath in court, and calls his three story country mansion (shown in my video), a 56-year-old farm house.
https://digitalshowcase.oru.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1036&context=coehoh (Herald of Healing, March 1956 Pg. 7)

Detailed Listing of Coe's Assets in Trial: More than $800,000 in assets, 8,000-10,000 support letters a day, payroll of 175-185 employees, $130,000 on 60-70 radio programs (TV soon), $250/week salary, $1200 in "love offerings."

By 1953, Jack Coe had a former business manager (Fred Worlitz):

By 1954, Jack Coe has multiple secretaries:

Jack Coe's assets and controversial business structure:

Jack Coe’s Tampa revival was sponsored by churches and pastors:

Local churches would cancel their weekly night services when Jack Coe would come to town in order to promote attendance to his revival. Then afterwards, they would see their attendance numbers boosted.

The Herald of Healing claims that every $2 sent to Coe’s magazine saves a lost soul. On the same page, readers are encouraged to put him in their will. (pg. 5)

Jack Coe’s Fund-Raising Techniques:

Coe claims he has never had reserve funds in an appeal for donations to support the children. Despite him raking in a massive tax-free fortune with over $500,000 in assets.
https://digitalshowcase.oru.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1009&context=coehoh (Pg. 21)

Appealing for money again using the “poor little orphan children” as bait:
https://digitalshowcase.oru.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1003&context=coehoh (pg. 5)

Initial Herald of Healing “Gift” for new yearly subscribers was a ballpoint pen (whoopdie doo!):

Raised funds to sponsor missions work to civilize the “savages”:
https://digitalshowcase.oru.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1007&context=coehoh (pg. 18)

Coe boasted about ambulances going home empty, but he would pay for free Ambulances to his tent revivals but never promised to provide free ambulance rides home:

Photo of the free ambulances and person on stretcher:

Jack Coe’s Racism:

In the Herald of Healing, Coe said the following while talking about mission trips they support:
“These little savages are turning to Christ as the power of the Gospel has its effect on these native killers… from a naked savage they hear the Gospel, their hearts are changed and then they want clothes on… until the light of Jesus comes by a missionary, they must live and die and perish in the darkness.”
https://digitalshowcase.oru.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1007&context=coehoh (Herald of Healing June, 1953 Pg. 18-19)

More racist missions stuff:
https://digitalshowcase.oru.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1039&context=coehoh (Herald of Healing July 1956 Pg. 8-9)

In one of Jack Coe’s anti-Communist sermons in Miami he said that it doesn’t matter your skin color as long as you’re Christian… He added that he didn’t believe that God approved of interracial marriage and then told the black attendees to, “Be still. God will work things out for you.”

Racist segregation joke in Jack Coe’s Herald of Healing at the bottom of Page 6 on how to get people to move to the back of the bus:

When the black section of Jack Coe’s revival filled up. Some white congregants invited the overflow to join them in the white section. An usher tried to remove them and eventually escorted them out with police force (all while Coe preached brotherly love).

Jack Coe Gets Polio; Seeks Doctors; Dies:

Coe complains of laryngitis and goes with wife to the hospital but waited too long and got brain damage due to oxygen deprivation:

Headline: Pastor stricken with Bulbar Polio Still Critically Ill:

Jack Coe receives countless telegrams of prayer & support, including from Oral Roberts’ ministry:
https://digitalshowcase.oru.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1043&context=coehoh (Herald of Healing, Dec 1956, page 8)

Jack Coe slightly recovers but is put in the equivalent of an iron lung. He has brain damage because of oxygen deprivation due to delay in seeking medical help. His family visits him daily. He's conscious and able to speak.

Jack Coe's initial apparent recovery Dec 12 1956

Headline: “Faith Healer Jack Coe Dies”

Headline: “Bulbar Polio is fatal to ‘Faith Healer’”

Headline in Tucson Citizen: Faith Healer Jack Coe Dies:

Headline: Polio Fatal to Jack Coe, Faith Healer:

“Death Claims Rev. Jack Coe”:

O.L. Jaggers scolds Coe’s wife for not letting him raise Coe from the dead:
https://archive.org/details/allthingsareposs00harr/page/62/mode/2up?view=theater pg. 63

Jack Coe dead from polio - had 80 employees:

Description of operations of Jack Coe after he went to the hospital with Polio:

Missed his "Curing the Incurable" Rally ft. James R. Dunn, W.V. Grant, James Dunn, & Alton Hayes at his Dallas Revival Center (Dec 2-16, 1956) because of his incurable disease - (Voice of Healing, Dec, 1956 Pg. 22)

Coe was scheduled to speak at The Deliverance Conference in Dallas, TX (Jan 15-Feb 11, 1957) - Voice of Healing, Dec, 1956 Pg. 17

Jack Coe Jr. Follows in Dad’s Footsteps as Faith Healer, Prayers Don’t Work, Seeks Modern Medicine, Dies:

Jack Coe Jr. stated about his father: “Whenever he got sick it was always a puzzle to me.”
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlJcav2gQ_k (11:15)

Jack Coe’s son Jack Coe Jr. followed in his footsteps as a faith healer. He repeatedly claimed he'd been healed of cancer. But in 2019, he died, and while the cause of his death is unknown, he did ask his followers for funds for a kidney transplant just prior to his death.

His website was little more than fundraising and donation requests:

Jack Coe Jr.’s request for a kidney donor on his ministry’s FB page on Dec 11, 2018: https://www.facebook.com/JackCoeIM/posts/pfbid02AJ5MqtjRbXdCKXw2e7ALx5zuemeim7cTCFDo45VLLxjP2Zy6vgCn8MhtFvj19SLQl 

Jack Coe posted on Jan 1 that he was in critical health on his ministry’s Facebook page:

Jack Coe Jr.’s Obituary Page:

Tribute to Jack Coe Jr. (1944-2019)

Ads For Jack Coe’s Revivals:

McCarthy-like ad claiming he’ll prophetically expose Communists in both religious and government circles, also has a very freak-show like ad to see rare woman who was turned to stone but got healed:

Jack Coe Sermon Ad with Picture from Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA:

Ad in the Austin American Statesman “Divine Healing Under World’s Largest Tent”:

Jack Coe Ad South Pasadena Review “Behind the Iron Curtain: Sin Sin Sin”:

Jack Coe ad in the Pittsburgh Press (predicting Z.W.B Bomb):

Jack Coe Ad in L.A. Times with Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship - ft. Oral Roberts:

Jack Coe ad in L.A. Times mentioning largest tent seating 22,000:

Jack Coe Ad as featured speaker of the Full Gospel Business Men's Breakfast:

Jack Coe ad featuring signs wonders and miracles:

Big ad for Jack Coe coming to Miami:

Ad for Coe’s last revival right before he dropped dead from polio:

Jack Coe Broadcasts:

Playlist of sermons:

Jack Coe’s tent healing services with 7000 attendees was featured on WKJT TV in Pittsburgh in 1953. Blows fuse. WKJT TV Crew have to return later for footage. His sermon was on the disbelieving carpenters who built the ark:

Jack Coe Broadcasting his miracles on TV:

Coe chartering bus and on radio in Pittsburgh for healing service:

Ad for Coe on the radio:

Ad for Jack Coe on the radio:

Jack Coe featured on radio - WHAT at 9 AM:

Jack Coe’s Excuses for Failed Healings:

Reasons healing doesn’t work - fear:
https://digitalshowcase.oru.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1000&context=coehoh (pg. 5 column 3)

Follow-up meeting after Coe - "Why our prayers are not answered."

Other Sources:

An archive of Herald of Healing Magazines on the ORU website:

All things are possible: the healing & charismatic revivals in modern America (Pg. 58-63)

God’s Generals – Jack Coe Documentary by Roberts Liardon (a Christian pro-Jack Coe Documentary):
^ Different version of the above documentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4d-g4kFnTg8 

Taft, Adon. “Faith Healing Profitable But Do ‘Cures’ Endure?” The Miami Herald, 27 Jan. 1956, pp. 1–2.

Pg. 1: https://www.newspapers.com/clip/111254953/adon-taft-miami-herald-article-on-jack/
Pg. 2: https://www.newspapers.com/clip/111255390/adon-taft-miami-herald-article-on-jack/

A local psychiatrist cautions against Jack Coe’s faith healings and explains the placebo effect and “hypnotic suggestion”: https://www.newspapers.com/clip/117640925/psychiatrist-cautions-against-jack/ 

Article Announcing Jack Coe & Oral Roberts speaking at event for the Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship in Los Angeles Times:

Jack Coe brings faith healing to Pittsburgh from L.A.:

Jack Coe sharing a stage with William Branham and Oral Roberts:

Jack Coe Speaking at the Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship Convention with Oral Roberts:

All of my newspaper clippings in research regarding Jack Coe (you may need to keep scrolling down and wait for all to load): https://www.newspapers.com/clippings/?user=12993269%3Athomaswestbrook&tag=jack%20coe 

All digitized issues of the Voice of Healing Magazine:

Coe was regularly featured by Voice of Healing and was friends with the magazine’s author, Gordon Lindsay and regularly shared a stage with the magazine’s founder (William Branham). He was also one of the early associate editors and became one of 5 directors of the magazine in 1952.

B-roll footage:

Reverend Jack Coe singing:

“Well, it’s Written and it’s Real
That my Jesus Heals
Well it’s Written and it’s Real
And it’s for you.
It’s been tested, it’s been tried.
And it fully satisfies
Well it’s Written and it’s Real
That my Jesus Heals.”


God's Generals- Jack Coe:
4:10 - Coe being a dick & calling out a woman in the crowd of 10,000 to tell her to smile, “Sister smile will ya”
14:30 - Jack Coe repeatedly shouting: “The joy of the Lord”
15:20 – Picture of Jack Coe in the military – He was repeatedly sent to the psych ward
^ (Higher Res picture of Coe in the military here at 7:49: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zEz4Jo86BVs)
23:20 – Footage of Coe giving a fiery sermon talking about the need for Godly leaders in office
In Coe’s sermon he sincerely seems like many pastors I’ve encountered & believed to have authentic faith:
20:20 “People need to honor God with their hearts… we need more Christianity not churchianity.”
21:00 “People just want moving pictures but need the word of God.”
22:30 “People should go to church because they love God & love to worship God.”
25:00 “I believe he died on that tree that I might have life abundant.”
26:20 “If you oppose divine healing – you oppose GOD (I’d rather have my eyes put out).”
28:43 – Pic of Coe with his hand up and a bible in the other.
29:00 – Color photo of Jack Coe.
33:55 – Jack Coe on trial (several pictures) – him behind bars & swearing in.
35:50 – Claims a person with throat cancer is better because they can mumble into a mic (fail).
37:00 – Claims woman’s stiff back & neck is healed – jolts her around yelling at her to go down again, up again, down again, etc.
38:30 – Peels off a woman's cancer, but conveniently covers the spot with his hand before showing the crowd and performing sleight of hand.
40:10 – Woman’s stomach pain healed.
41:20 – Claims to heal a deaf person and has them say “Baby, boy, mother.”
45:10 – He threw people out of their wheelchairs and commanded them to walk (6 didn’t).
46:10 – Photo of Jack Coe’s Magazine Truck (Herald of Healing)
46:20 - Claims Coe had 250,000 people on his mailing list.
53:13 – “Jack Coe: March 11, 1918 – December 16, 1956”


God's Generals Series | Jack Coe:
7:50 Kicked out of the military for being a religious fanatic.
11:20 High res photo of his tent (outside)
11:27 Inside shot of his tent revival
15:50 Has a person with crutches stand up – then throws away crutches. You can see that the guy is still limping.


Tribute to Jack Coe Jr (1944-2019):
7:40-8:37 - Broll of arrest and trial
10:05 – Great photo of tent interior


Jack Coe – I Believe God:
17:30 - I believe God!!! Then cuts to people with raised hands


Jack Coe - Expect A Miracle:
10:40 - [holding out Bible] "I believe God will do exactly what he said he'd do!


#2 Jack Coe : Two Prayers To Pray (#2 of 2):
2:00 - Woman getting off of stretcher
4:20 - Coe lays a hand on a woman's forehead in a stretcher


Jack Coe - My Spirit Shall Not Always Strive With Man:
3:00 - Preaching with crutches around his pulpit
5:12 - Scolds women for "trying to break into society by playing cards instead of cooking their men meals."
16:45 - Shot of him preaching at altar call with back of crowd showing
27:20 - He'll send them a gold prayer cloth


Jack Coe - The Arm of the Lord is Revealed:
7:10 - Broll of people singing with hands raised
8:00 - shot of the crowd
8:38 - healing AAAAAAALLLLLL manner of disease (great broll)
20:10 - My God can heal anything! He will heal anything!!!!!
26:04 – Shot of black section in his crowd
28:20 - Gold prayer cloth


Jack Coe Personal Testimony - 1954 Washington DC:
“Take your back support off and throw it away, you'll never need it again.”


Jack Coe Prays For The Sick- Miracles and Healing:
1:40 – Shot of man in Coe’s crowd praying
2:20 - Coe singing “Have faith in God.”
3:15 – Starts rocking a woman with a bad back backwards and forwards


Jack Coe - If You Have Faith, You Don't Worry:
9:50 - Crazy fake-sounding woman: "Thank you Jesus. Thank you lord, Hallelujah”
10:20 - People rushing forward (GREAT Broll)
11:50 - Digging a knee in a man's back
12:50 - "Suppose they die? Well, suppose they don't?
13:00 - I only heal those God tells me to (who have faith). How many of you believe when God tells me to do something, I can do anything I want to do.
15:45 - Write me for a prayer handkerchief


Jack Coe Personal Testimony (#2 of3):
17:20 - broll of crowd


Jack Coe - Restoring the Joy:
20:ish - rants about money (will give up profits in exchange for costs covered)
24:14 - "I just hit the ones Jesus tells me to."
29:26 - I'll tell you like I told the newspaper reporter, you can get the names and addresses. 1:18:00ish - I won't pray for mental cases because it casts out demons into people nearby.
1:20:36 - Praying for a child to be able to walk again.
1:24:21 - Heal these legs and feet
1:37:18 - Don't go back to a doctor. Do the opposite of what the doctor says.
1:37:43 - Go get you a job and start paying tithes.


“Jack Coe Movie” Big Family – Produced by the Herald of Healing Children’s Home:
2:11 – Shot of Children’s Home sign during the day
7:26 – Shots of Kids praying
8:00 – They start asking for money and show a sign of the children’s home.
8:20 – A compilation of shots of Jack Coe’s tents where he preached.
9:05 – People being pulled from an ambulance on a stretcher
11:16 – A great shot of him praying over a man in a crowd


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