The Most Brutal Psychic Fail Compilation Pt 3

Crazy Psychics

Watch Harry T, Kim Russo, John Edward, The Psychic Twins, Major Ed Dames, and Psychic Nikki fail miserably in the most epic compilation of psychic blunders, mistakes, failed predictions, and lies. Watch these mediums' epic fails when they appear other peoples shows where they can't control the edits. Harry T predicts that Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 crashed over land. The Psychic Twins predict PewDiePie will move away from YouTube, Kim Russo and John Edward fail during live psychic readings.

The Coffee Psychic cringe fails and predicts twins for the royal family and predicts a great season for the White Socks in 2013. Major Ed Dames predicts the end of the world in 1998. Laura Stinchfield, the pet psychic tries to talk to police horses. Psychic Medium Cyndi Tryon predicts lady Gaga will get married in 2016 and gets it wrong. NBC's reporter Jeff Rossen tries out some local psychics. Psychic Nikki predicted a Trump impeachment for 2017. One by one, these psychics make bold predictions and one by one, these psychics fail.

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