Confronting Pastor Steven Anderson – America’s Most Hateful Preacher

Steven Anderson Confronted

I confronted Pastor Steven Anderson outside of the Make America Straight Again Conference and asked him if he condoned genocide.

Unfortunately my video got false flagged as hate speech by YouTube and they rejected my appeal (I don't think they even watched my video). I edited and re-uploaded the video, but got false-flagged again, so I'm now locked out of my YouTube account temporarily while I appeal their mistake (again). I uploaded it to Facebook so you can watch it here.

The Make America Straight Again Conference was held in Orlando, Florida on the anniversary of the Pulse nightclub shootings that killed 49 gay people. The MASA conference advocated for the government to engage in ethnic cleansing (genocide) of the LGBT+ community. We organized a peaceful protest of the conference. If you'd like to see a full breakdown of our protest, click here.

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